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Multi-Purpose Spray


Our all-natural multipurpose cleaner is perfect for countertops and everyday messes. Here are some examples of what you can clean with the Organic Cactus Multi-Purpose Spray:

  • All high touch areas like, doorknobs, handles, light switches, rails etc.
  • Refrigerator, exterior and interior
  • Sink and drain
  • Microwave, exterior and interior
  • Stove, exterior and interior
  • Countertops (avoid granite and marble)
  • Dishwasher, interior and exterior
  • Washing machine, interior and exterior
  • Sticky stuff
  • Shower head
  • Soap scum
  • Toilet, exterior and interior
  • Bathtub and shower
  • Sink
  • Tiles on walls (avoid ceramic)
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Yoga mat
  • And much more!

Do NOT use multi-purpose spray directly on:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Soapstone countertops or ceramic
  • Solid wood furniture
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This natural cleaner easily cuts through mildew, bacteria, and grime, and it’s safe to use on a wide variety of household surfaces. Organic Cactus multipurpose cleaner was created following CDC guidelines and has been proven to kill viruses and bacteria.


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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm


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