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Cleaning Powder


Our organic cleaning powder tackles tough grime in your sink, toilet, shower and more!

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For Toilets
Use powder as a toilet cleaner, sprinkle a fair amount around the inside of toilet, let sit for 10 minutes then scrub. You can also pour vinegar on top of powder in toilet and scrub right after pouring the vinegar.

For Stoves
Use powder in interior of stove. Sprinkle around in the stove then spray Organic Cactus multipurpose spray on top of the powder and let sit for 10 minutes. Then scrub away and rinse with water or use a warm rag to wipe clean.

For Showers and Bathtubs
Use the powder in the shower and bathtub. Sprinkle a fair amount on the areas in need then spray the Organic Cactus multi-purpose spray on the powder, let sit for 10 minutes come back and scrub away, then rinse.

For Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks
Use powder in kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. Sprinkle inside the sink then pour vinegar on top of powder, then scrub scrub scrub for at least two minutes then rinse with water.

Carpet and Rug Deodorizer
Use the powder as a deodorizer. Sprinkle little amounts on your rugs or carpet then vacuum up. Leaves your house smelling so fresh with no toxins!!

For Clothes and Towels 
You can also sprinkle some powder in your washing machine for an extra boost of cleaning and deodorizing your clothes or towels.

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